Mantis Sync Bus

I’ve written to tiptop since their mantis manual doesn’t cover much about the sync bus, but maybe someone here can give a better answer to my specific question…

I have my modules in mantis cases and will drill holes and add jacks for rca sync. My issue is that I have an older prismatic ray (Rev B) that only accepts sync from the bus. The mantis looks like is has a sync bus, but I’m not sure how it’s set up or how the sync is distributed. I need visual cortex to send bus sync signals via its header output to the sync bus; where do I plug the sync header in so that VC’s sync is sent to the bus? Next, which section (A, B, or C) will the sync signal be shared with?

Thank you all for your help! :slight_smile:

SyncBus, the connector on the back, is likely connected to the CV/gate bus somehow, but how that is isn’t documented. It might not pass a signal in a way that works well for video rate sync.

But regarding the CV/gate bus on the busboard, Tip Top says “A/B are connected and C is separate”.

So as long as you have your PR and VC plugged into section A or B (or one in each), they’ll be connected. Or if you plug them both into section C they’ll be connected.


I emailed tiptop and they said signals D2 and Clk are connected in both sides, then sent me this image:
Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 4.32.49 PM

Sooo, red stripe down on the mantis sync bus and then VC clock is shared to the Prismatic Ray connected to that section?