H/V to bus from TBC2, anyone have VWG's catching sync this way?

Can anyone confirm that their H/V to Gate/CV is working on their TBC2? I’ve tried both rear switch positions to no avail, curious if it’s working for y’all?

Yes, just tested it. It works fine on TBC2 #0053 with a Prismatic Ray V1.3.

Both DIP switches on TBC2 are pointed towards the top of the module.

You have to plug the Eurorack power header in (or at least a 4 pin jumper for just Gate/CV only) and make sure it’s on the same Gate/CV bus as your Prismatic Ray.


Thanks for testing m8, appreciate you.

VWG’s here, no dice. Yes, full width 16pin cables on the VWG’s & TBC2, same bus. It’s LIBB so it does have CV/Gate busses too they aren’t deprecated or anything. I long ago got rid of my PR’s that had bus sync or I’d give them a go. I’ll edit the title to see if I can get any traction w/ someone who’s got VWG’s

TBC #004 1.0RC16

What are scopes good for!

I have a PR and VWG running from bus sync on an LIBB. I plan to load all my legacy Oscillators onto this bus so I’ll report back.

So far sync has been stable with these two modules.


Hopefully my questions won’t hijack this thread. While I no longer have any VWG modules, the same questions apply to the early PR modules.

I’m using Malekko PSUs and a sync bridge cable. This creates an interesting problem for me. By my calculations, the loads on both PSUs are close to the limit for the 6A power bricks I’m using. I can’t buy the 8A bricks that could help power a TBC2, so if I replace my VC with a TBC2 in that cabinet, I may need to add a 3rd PSU and use the sync bridge cable to link the TBC2 to the PSU my PR modules use.

Could I connect the sync bridge cable directly to a TBC2 powered by a 12V dc PSU? Could I instead use a power module, like a 4MS Row Power, for the TBC2 on one connector, and then connect the sync cable to the other connector?

I don’t yet have a TBC2 to test any of this.

Is a sync bridge cable just an IDE ribbon cable that connects the CV/GATE busses of different Busboards together? Like a europower connector with only 4 wires?

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Yes, a very simple cable. Not full ribbon cable, and no keyed connectors. Just enough for sync. While this makes it easy to use incorrectly, with a little care it’s very simple to get right.

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Use barrel power for the TBC2 and just the sync bridge cable to the bus of the malekko ?