Power Bus Sync Sharing

My question about power bus sync is this; will a module that receives sync from another source pass its sync on to the power bus? I have two prismatic rays, one with rca connectors and one without. My sync gen will be TBC2. From TBC2 sync with go to VC, then the rest of the modules in that case, then out into a second case. Say I plug the sync into the rca connector on the first PR, will that PR then pass sync onto the non-rca PR plugged in next to it? Alternatively, if I pass that sync into the second case to chromagnon, then to the first PR, will chromagnon be able to pass sync to the bus in that case? I need to get sync to the second, non-rca PR, located in a different case as the primary sync generator.

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No. A module like Prsimatic Ray that receives RCA sync will not output that sync to the BUSS connections of its 16pin header afaik

you can diy your solution, and i think there might be a future sync distribution utility module, but maybe im just conflating this with the DC power distribution module.

best to put the buss sync module by cortex for now?


Thanks! I can make that work. Asking saved me a bunch of time trying out all the combinations.

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Has it been confirmed whether or not TBC2 will provide sync over the power bus? Iā€™d like TBC2 to provide the master sync, but will have to keep cortex in that role in order to sync this prismatic ray if TBC2 does not provide that function.

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