Vector Rescan with visual cortex help please

new member here so i hope i post in the right place…
the first time i saw a vector rescan video it blew my mind and ever since (couple of years now) i have been dreaming about getting an oscilloscope and trying to have my own go on it … so i just found a Leader LBO 51MA and i bought a visual cortex … so obviously i have many questions but ill begin with just trying to get a clear video from my pc on the scope … i connected the ramps and the luma to the scope and i get the video on the scope but its way bigger then the screen,deformed and got some lines (something that looks like scanlines) on it. i attached a picture of a grid … the original picture is an equal grid with a white background and this is how it looks on the scope
any tips on how i can get a clear picture scaled to the size of the scope with no lines and deformation ?
any help would be much appreciated
thanks so much in advance !!

Pictures of the front panel settings on your oscilloscope could also be helpful, as well as your complete patch. How are you connecting your PC to your synthesizer? Does Visual Cortex display your input image correctly?

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Tnx for the replay
here is a short video showing my setup …
pc comes out from an hdmi to composite box
looks like the VC displays the image correctly.i dont understand why its shifting colors but i did not spend any time learning the VC yet … i want to get the rescan thing going :slight_smile:
i also attached pictures of the visual cortex and the scope
thank you very much

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Unfortunately I have no experience with vector rescanning (would love to find a display for it!) so hopefully someone will chime in, but here’s a guess: The Cortex ramps sort of are defining your X and Y axes, so if there seems to be too much space between scanlines you might need to attenuate the Y ramp before going to the scope? Passage or another similar mixer would be a good option for doing this attenuation without loss of video bandwidth, passive attenuation may also be fine. I would guess in general that this kind of patch requires some fiddling with your input and display parameters quite a bit to find something that works for your display.


thank you very much for the replay
i will look into it and try to find out more…
i dont really understand anything about the electronics behind all this … i just love the visuals :slight_smile:
good luck with finding your display…

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