Problem with Visual Cortex ramps

Hello- I’m trying to output to an XY monitor, to create the Rutt-Etra style effects with live action video footage. I’ve done this before using my Visual Cortex and Video Blending Matrix, But this time I just cannot get it to work- I’ve tested all my cables, checked the video output is working. It seems Horizontal and Vertical ramps just won’t put out a live video signal to my Oscilloscope, just a basic square image (see photo). What am I doing wrong? Help! Has some jumper fallen off of the back of my module?

What do your ramps look like on a video monitor?
Does your scope want a stronger signal than Cortex’s 1V ramps?
Here is the recommended Vector re-scan workflow:

Hi- thanks for the advice. I have used the same oscilloscope (on xy settting) before and it worked with the VC. I’ve tried this with a modded Vectrex as well and the same block pattern comes up. It’s as if the live action video signal isn’t getting through to the ramps. Did you see my photos?

You need a z modulation signal, for the brightness. Take the luma output from cortex decoder to the z of your scope.

Thank you- I should have mentioned I have sent a z signal to the vectrex and still no live action video. That square on the xy monitor is what the ramps are sending out- so it’s definitely getting enough z signal.

How do the ramps look on a regular video monitor? Does Cortex behave normally with its intended use?