Theory/Understanding - Analogue to Video Conversion (recording and after)

There are lots of posts about recording gear and routing from modular into said gear, but it would be great to get any links to resources people have found valuable for learning/understanding the process of recording analogue and conversion to digital (relevant to recording using LZX modules). Whether these are online resources, text books, etc.

An example, for me, would be recording from the VC or Memory Palace, through the BM Intensity Shuttle into OBS or BM Media Express, processing this in Premiere/Final Cut, and exporting to a usable format for posting online, playback to external displays (CRTs or Digital displays).

(Not a dig at fb, each to their own) I posted this on FB earlier and promptly deleted it because I really dislike using FB for this, I find it incredibly easy to get distracted and reading endless, unrelated comments. (I only re-signed up to facebook to get more help with Video Synthesis and quickly remembered why I got rid of it in the first place).

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Here is one official resource for the info you’re seeking:


I have seen this :slight_smile: great stuff