Sync Generator schematic and layout check

I need a sync generator for an art project, so I decided to do a layout.

Anyone want to help me double check it?

It is mostly the same as the C1 Sync Generator, but features a RCA sync output.
The schematic parts are a bit different than the LZX schematic, so it is a bit of a puzzle.
One thing I noticed is on the LZX schematic is that the LM1881_burstgate is not connected to anything. Maybe this is ok, but I’m not sure.

I think I have a XVCO source and will try my hand at the firmware upload.


I can’t find anything wrong with your drawing but you have the opportunity to take a few more liberties. There are many improvements or changes that you could implement to make it more geared to your specific needs.
What kind of art project is this for? Does it need both external RCA sync and internal sync? I’ve been toying with a similar side-project which ditches the Atmega and crystal for a few SMD parts and an LMH1980. It focuses on a scenario where an external sync is provided, but can generate all of the 14-pin signals with some extra logic and should support more SD resolutions.
I can PM you with some info on that one if you have time to breadboard something. I don’t have an immediate need for it so I put it on the backburner. If I ever get around to finishing it, I planned on making it open source.


Thanks for looking at it, I appreciate it!

The project is about analog to digital to analog signals.
When turned back to analog, it controls a video synth which is already pretty much done (featuring most of my own modules and some of Bastien), but lacks a sync generator. We might add more processing modules in the future, so RCA backside sync would be useful.

Your suggestions sound cool. I could live without the crystal & Atmega, that would be awesome.

but we need something fast, as we are nearing an exposition.
So I’m going to order this week :slight_smile:

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pcbs are ordered now