Suggested Thonk Group Buy for Tall Trimmer Pot Knobs, also Switch & Slider Caps

Hello from, a currently white with light snowfall, Berlin :wave:
I’m based in Berlin, Germany, and have just proposed a group order on the Berlin Modular page on Facebook for Tall Trimmer Pot Knobs from Thonk. I also pointed out the switch and slider caps, both mini and sub-mini sizes.

1 pack of 10 (single colour) costs £0.83 (Excl. VAT) but here’s the bulk buying prices. Bags of various colours can be mixed so it won’t only be 50x Red and 50x Black for instance. Same goes for the Timmer Pots. Link below.
Bags | 10+ – £0.78 | 25+ – £0.69 | 50+ – £0.60 | 100+ – £0.54 |

1 single colour knob costs £0.40 (Excl. VAT)
25+ – 5% | 50+ – 7% | 100+ – *15% * | 250+ – 20% |
25+ – 5% £0.38| 50+ – 7% £0.37| 100+ – 15% £0.34| 250+ – 20% £0.32|

@syntonie, are you interested? A bunch of us could then pre-order your upcoming VU005 and VU006 & have it delivered all at the same time. I’m actually suggesting this simply because German Customs (ZollAmt) tax anything over 20€, including the postage cost in that amount :open_mouth:
While France is 150€ if I’ve read correctly. I’ve got the time to do the postage and sending but not a VAT/Tax number here in Berlin to bypass the customs, it’s not the money, they often hold parcels for 2 weeks before notifying the person by post even if their phone number or email is on the packaging. Germany is really tech backward in many ways. Just saying as an Expat. Ireland doesn’t waste it’s timing taxing anything under 120€ from outside of the EU tarriff & customs free tradezone.

If someone knows of a shop or distributor here in Europe with identical product and prices, I’m all ears :slight_smile:

Enough said except that I’ve still got some LT1256s, a few 1251s and will order some more LM6172 really soon. I ought to have some B10K right angle pots in a few days but I could only source T18 6mm, not D-Shaft or 6.35mm for the standard flat pot shaft spec.


Maybe munichen audio or musikding in germany ?

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Thanks for the suggestions @meudiademorte👍🏼
I remember checking the prices at a couple of weeks ago for Thonkicons & they were really expensive. I got the impression they are quite small. Thonk is a monster but they really should have opened a branch in the EU as last year developed if not earlier. I offered them to open one here 3 or 4 years ago & the boss laughed saying the UK will never leave the free trade customs zone. Brexit was a disastrous vote but there’s many reasons why it happened. Feel free to pm me if you want my angle on it or to express yours.

I don’t know of this biz or I’ve only stumbled across it a couple of times. Danke für die Tipps @Pascal :+1:t3:

Munichen audio is done by Dieter Ludwig, he is also in the lzx fb group.

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I haven’t come across his name but cool that he’s into Visual Synths as well as audio synths :+1:
I’ve just looked at the shop, and my mind isn’t changed. They’re quite a bit more expensive than Thonk even with the risk/mess of the Zollamt slapping 19 VAT onto an order over 20€ in value. Thonk is a huge business in comparison and get buy in massive quantaties and then passing those price breaks on to the customers. A friend of mine ordered 5000 jacks for a big production run for a one-person operation. He save money but seeing the invoice for that order made me realise Thonk are generally charging fair prices. It’s really tough when a shop is starting out in it’s first years and there’s strong and established competition. But BrExit will help any biz that is directly or indirectly competing with Thonk.