Small video rig and portable furniture?

Hey there, has anyone found a good option for setting up their video rig anywhere in-between the easy teardown “card table” and static “music studio desk”?

Random assortment I want to have out and usable at home-

  • Modular racks (a few skiffs and eventually the Chromagnon)
  • 17" CRT
  • VCR
  • Roland/Edirol V-8 mixer
  • Tube Camcorder
  • PXL-2000
  • LED strips
  • 1U video switching array
  • Laptop + blackmagic video interface
  • A few BPMC glitch devices

Some stuff I know I can stack on itself, I don’t need a huge rack system attached either, is there a better suggestion for home and possible playing out than something like Lifetime 4-Foot Adjustable Height Table -19 Pk (Commercial) or ?

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I have one of these. VERY sturdy. Legs unscrew and store in bottom. Has a carrying handle.
Not sure it will fit all that stuff but maybe…


There are some gear cases that have built in legs or leg attachments. For example:


My DJ friend absconded with that very Lifetime table. As it is a solid table it’s more unstable at the highest setting. Desk height is perfect. The husky looks solid I’d recommend a side by side at Home Depot :wink:

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I will be using a plastic rifle case.its thin but thick enough for the gear and light weight and portable.

That’s pretty cool! I will consider the Pelican legs when I no longer need to steal space in a collaborator’s rig :smiley: