Routing Diagram Discussion & Post Your Signal Flow Chart

There being so many methods of brainstorming different setup designs, from pen & paper to digital sketches, it seems logical to collect some ideas pertaining to these different methods.

What’s your method and medium?

In previous audio projects I settled in the iOS app ‘MIND VECTOR’ for creating signal flow diagrams. You only get 5 save slots (w/o subscribing) but once you export your image you can clear that slot. I’m sure there’s something newer, but I do recommend this app. Below is our present setup and below that is an example of our newly brainstormed setup.



Any source thru any fx, then to any mixer.

Violet = Sources
Indigo = FX
Blue = Matrix or Switcher
Green = Mixers
Red = Monitors


Graph paper. Not that I respect the grid! I change the setup every show but always make a patch diagram. the studio is also regularly rearranged.


Thank you for the tip about Mind Vector! I haven’t needed to map things out since I haven’t gigged with video gear yet but when that days comes, that app will be very useful.

In the past I’ve used the same method for audio that @wiatrob is using and it got the job done. It’s a perfect scenario for a Moleskine or similar.

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my v4 doesn’t actually have 6 inputs I just switch things in and out as I want them mainly switching in either extra feedback or the camera

I’ve got a v440 that I’m not using in this setup currently but I think I would just split the SD and HD sides to add in front of the V4 and after the visual cortex

and the AUX case which is holds extra modules to swap in and out maybe one day I’ll get another power supply and get all three going at once

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@wednesdayayay This is awesome!

What app is that, if you don’t mind sharing?

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@wiatrob So cool that you do it this way!
Grid Moleskins are a blessing to artist of all kinds. Thanks for contributing :+1:

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@JunkRhythm your welcome. Glad to help. If you find something different, check back in!


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I’ve been using Google Drawings when I need something like this. mindnode looks nice!!


@creatorlars Google drawing is a great tool, Wish it was a bit more mobile friendly.
Is that your choice for creating more technical schematics?

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@Tremendm_Labs I just use Google Drawings for quick things like organizational charts or studio diagramming. For product development, drawings are all done in CAD. LZX is currently using Diptrace for PCB CAD and Autodesk Inventor for mechanical CAD (enclosures and frontpanel assemblies, as well as test jigs and 3D printed parts.)

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Here’s another Google Drawings routing diagram, this one describing the setup I used for last year’s workshop performance of my friend Rebecca’s high-tech lo-fi one-woman dystopian sci-fi musical. Thirteen TVs, three cameras, eight songs, almost an hour of Rebecca’s pre-recorded video with other actors, all mixed together with analog synthesis improv.

(We’re doing it again next month in Boston! Four shows! I’ve since upgraded from a a V4 to a V8, expanded the euro/LZX setup quite a bit, and we’ve added a lighting designer, so this year’s diagram is going to be even more involved.)



Here’s the updated diagram from this year’s run of shows:

I no longer have good things to say about Google Drawings. It’s easy to get to and easy to share, but there are so many unnecessarily rough edges in keeping a diagram like this maintained through changes.

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