Roland v4ex video mixer output files/saving output files/recording capabilities

Is there a way the roland v4ex can save the output files (video , audio, from camera, audio source, etc) somewhere on a laptop /mac, etc so you can pick them up and edit later?

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as you know, the v4ex receives video , audio, from camera, audio source, etc and outputs it in a variety of formats. with this in mind, you can capture any of those inputs as outputs with an appropriate capture device. if youd like to save your v4ex output somewhere on your laptop /mac, you could record the usb output from the v4ex with software such as open broadcast software.

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wow! Thank you sooo much…this has resolved my issue…i was looking for a ‘save’ area or ‘record’ …the manual does not mention clearly these…i will start exploring with this one you recommended ! Thank you!

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