Roland V-8 issue: Using Feedback + Afterimage at the same time even on different channels

Hi all - I’m aware that some effects will turn each other off when you attempt to use them both on the same effects bus/channel - however having recently upgraded from a V-4 to a V-8 I’m surprised to find I can’t get Feedback and Afterimage to both be on at the same time, even when on seperate busses. Activating one deactivates the other. I’ve tried on different memory slots, different input channels etc, same result - can’t get them to both be on at the same time.

@sean I’ve seen videos you’ve posted of using the effects at the same time so it’s clearly possible. I’ve done a factory reset and can’t see anythign obvious anywhere that could impact this.

What’s the deal?

Alas, no, it is not possible. It is one or the other.

In the videos, I have one effect set up on memory slot 1 and the other in memory slot 2 and am indeed switching between one or the other, one at a time.

But what you can do (and I do in those videos) is combine either of the effects with output feedback (i.e. taking one of the two outputs and putting it back into the one of the inputs). This doesn’t quite have the same look or controllability as the V8’s feedback effect, but by careful mixing of the channels and use of the fade to black control, you can tame it quite a bit.

Sorry if my videos were at all confusing. (At some point I probably need to get over my aversion to talking on camera. Or should have at least labeled the first three videos as thoroughly as I did the last one.)


Ahh I see! I obviously wasn’t paying enough attention - your videos were a great demo so no apology neccessary.

And now I understand how you were achieving what you did I can get to work, so thank you for taking the time to respond :slight_smile:

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