Power Bank For Mobile Projection

Can anyone recommend power banks or another power source for mobile projection? It would need enough power for an Epson projector, MacBook and lightform device.


I’d recommend a Kill-A-Watt so you can measure the power draw yourself.

Having said that, something like a Goal Zero Yeti 500X would probably do well if the projector isn’t a power hog. There are a lot of cheaper options on Amazon, but I’d go for a pure sine inverter if you’re running A/V stuff. Some of my gear runs fine on a modified sine, but some doesn’t.


I used to do raves with audio and video performances on a truck battery (traction battery) and a dc-ac converter.
This worked great, with +24 hours of fun.
A car battery will work too.

those batteries are quite heavy and large though.

It all depends on your equipment. measure of research the power use and time you want to it to operate.

There are small portable projectors out there, you might want to look at those.
(if you want to use a small powerbank)


I got one of this companies older battery models and some solar panels
they just put up a new kickstarter I haven’t run my whole system off of one just yet but it runs my air little wall AC unit just fine

although a truck battery sounds pretty awesome


Thanks for all of the suggestions! I found a goal zero yeti at REI. Got to scramble up some cash now!

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