Monitoring video synthesis, Black Magic UltraStudio HD Mini, LZX Modules, Macbook Pro USB-C/TB3


I’d like to know how to monitor video synthesis without a CRT TV?

Was using an old sony trinitron tv and although they served me well, they broke during shipment in a recent move. They are too expensive/heavy to lug around as a renter.

I’m hoping there might be a way to monitor on my laptop, maybe with the same programs people use to edit the video on? I’m new to video synthesis coming from the audio world, so I’m still trying to wrap my head around things.

I was using a vidiot, a trinitron and an old video8 camcorder.

Is it possible to live monitor the output of the vidiot with my macbook pro? UltraStudio HD Mini? What else would I need?

Was also going to put together a case of LZX modules but they are hard to find, maybe I can buy them o the forum here?

I appreciate any help!!

flat screens work fine too…
I use a 12year old plus 40" sony flatscreen - works fine - slightly different aesthetic - but fine!

don’t know about getting into the computer - I just re-scan with an iphone

maybe start with a chromagnon - probably the best bang for buck - if you can wait awhile


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I use a couple of “Eyoyo” (find them on Amazon) brand LCD monitors that have composite inputs for monitoring. I also use my home theater’s Epson projector, again just plugging into the composite input. Latency is minimized in both cases, which matters with audio reactive patches.


The Ultrastudio would work for live monitoring on your laptop and also gives you an hdmi output. An Intensity Shuttle would have the same effect for less money, if you can find one. I recently upgraded from a thunderbolt intensity shuttle to the 4k Mini for the plug and play convenience.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a capture card; scaling, the color depth that it accepts and outputs as well as resolutions, and any audio/frame sync needed. The Ultrastudios are popular because you don’t have to manually configure input resolution and framerate, just plug and play. I chose the 4k Mini over the HD Mini because by the time I would have added a frontplate screen and an sdi to hdmi converter the total would have been almost what the 4k was, and this way I can use the 4k capture capability for other things.


What cables and/or adapters are necessary in order to take the rca output of something into the Ultrastudio?

An RCA to BNC adapter with a normal RCA cable, or an RCA to BNC cable.

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