Polar Fringe loose joystick

Is it possible to tighten the joystick on Polar Fringe. I have my case upright and the joystick wont sit in position across the bottom half. It seems to have slowly become looser over time.


Yes, I would like to be able to do this as well.

We are investigating some potential solutions for increasing the tension on the joystick for vertical configurations, and will update this thread as we make some progress!

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in my experience. (mostly through sourcing and spec’ing Video Grip)

The joystick world, for starters, is a very expensive world. When sampling products for eurorack we are essentially forced into the cheap end of the joystick market.

I would say, second, that most all the joysticks in our price range are actually designed to be used WITH springs. However the majority of our users would rather have no spring. So its fair to say we are trying to use a product that has not been engineered to our purpose. :frowning:

The video grip has a tension control for the Y-axis but not X. Which seems to solve any problem where the joystick my fall in an angled or vertical case. However I understand that many users who talk of this issue its more of a “feel” thing rather than a “use” thing. In regards to that really nice feel. I point everyone back to my first point at the top. Those sticks are EXPENSIVE! $200-$500 joysticks/t-bars are common.

That being said. Im interested in all DIY solutions we might be able to come up with including but not limited to de-lubricant sprays on contact surfaces, or some kind of interference pressure. I feel if we all brainstorm enough we can find a possible mod. (a mod that doesn’t scare me working on an easily replaceable low cost joystick)


@creatorlars Any update on this. Still struggling to use my Polar Fringe with the position my case needs to be in.

Nope, no updates! It’s a madhouse around here right now. Have you tried anything to increase the resistance on your end? I feel like there were some good suggestions on the Facebook thread.

Should have time to try some fixes when we get back in the studio – we just haven’t been in there for weeks now, but we’ll be getting everything prepped for Knobcon next week and the week after, and can get at the Polar Fringe then.

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Was there ever any developments on this? Im kinda disappointed to not be able to fully utilise this module.

May be an unpopular solution but I injected some bearing grease onto the ball, exercised the grease around the entire ball area, and it immediately gave me the amount of friction necessary for the joystick to stay put.


Im just wary to doing that on a €470 module. I was hoping there would be a more permanent solution.

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I spent years repacking much more expensive high-end bicycle wheel hubs with the same grease so its not an issue for me but I understand. I did try lots of other solutions and this is the only one that worked for me.

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@a_digital_index Do you have a link to the bearing grease you used? I don’t have any experience with it but would be willing to give it a shot if it seemed to work for you.

Yes, link to the bicycle grease, please! We tried a few things we had on hand here, but nothing that increased the friction. I wouldn’t worry about using grease or lubricants on that joystick; it can only improve the response, and anything with moving parts will need occasional servicing anyway. @a_digital_index Any chance we can coax you into a little tutorial video?

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I used Park Tool Polylube 1000. Also called PPL-1.

To do so I removed the module, removed the back plate of the joystick area, and adjust the joystick so that I could see ball as clear as possible. Then I applied a little bit and exercised that joystick until the grease was distributed around the surface. Then I did it a few more times.

I don’t recommend putting a lot on all at once.

Definitely improved the fluidity of the movement and it stays in place much better.

I’ll try to put a quick video together this weekend.


I did a bit of poking around the internet and think we might be looking for something like damping grease. I have never used it but from the literature and other information I see it seems to fit the bill.


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Interesting! I’ve ordered some of both materials mentioned and we’ll report back after testing here. Maybe we can parcel some into little bags and send along with a dispensing syringe as a service kit for Polar Fringe.

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That’s great Lars. I’m happy with the Park grease. Curious to see how often I would need to add more grease. Please let us know how the two compare. Progress!

Will do. We have plenty of spare joysticks here to do some testing on.

Mine’s gotten loose enough to warrant a little servicing, will poke around the house & see what works and report back. Prolly just going to smudge some dielectric grease in there more than likely. Noteworthy - I run mine in a vertical section of the case, so it tends to want to inch down…it’d be fine if it was horizontal but that’s not where I like it.

Alright folks the solution I’m suggesting here is using Nyogel 767a damping grease.
A small swath along the inside of both tracks of the joystick has improved tactile performance dramatically. Smooth travel and solid hold.