Video Grip / Master Thread

This thread should serve as a general resource for the brownshoesonly Video Grip.

Module info:
FORMAT: performance, mixing, multiplying, wavefolding, routing, quad, pattern generation
PATCHES: Quad Pan, Vector Mix, Manual CV Control, Generative/Autonomous modes
VERSIONs: can be ordered with springs intact for an effect based version. Great for Vca chains and Orion allowin temporary performance Wet effect. (springs can always be removed by user. replacing springs is also doable but a bit more difficult)
USER ADJUSTMENTS: spring tension. PLUS Y-tension or detent regardless of springs (mostly for angled or vertical cases)

(documentation to be updated on this first post along with a concurrent FAQ from the thread below.)


My Grip has been patched to X/Y on Navigator since it arrived and I can’t imagine going back to positioning with knobs again. The fact that it has multiple outs for X/Y makes me dream of a second Nav. with X/Y patched in reverse … shapes dancing in mirrored motion :open_mouth:


just finally getting around to spending some time with the video grip
even though I have lots of different ways to mult signas I enjoy having two inputs and outputs for XY

I would love to hear a simple explanation of the sum switch
I’m just not wrapping my head around it

Sure thing.
The Sum switch changes the mixing operation used for the Sum output.

When the switch is up, and the joystick is centered, Sum will be 0v and will output nothing. It will then output whatever quadrant(s) that you move towards fading between the inputs ABCD.

When the Switch is down and the joystick is centered, Sum will output a mix of all four quadrants and subtracts the quadrant you move towards. giving you 3 input to 4 input fades.

I think center zero is a good way to introduce yourself to the module.


awesome! thank you I’m sure this will help me get around

Can Someone give simple patching examples, trying to figure out how to use it in my set-up

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check out the my instagram posts above for video and patch picture all the modules used are listed in the video description

I’m not sure what your setup is but something to try

input A - luma video (from visual cortex)
input B - Ramp (from visual cortex, cadet or otherwise)
input C - Oscillator (prismatic ray, VWG, or self oscillating curtain)
input D - wave processing (using the same prismatic ray, video signal and/or ramp generator into wave processor like staircase, shape changer, navigator, arch)

try sending some of the color video into the Keyer on the visual cortex and take the output into video grips if you are missing and oscillator

a couple other things to try Prismatic ray & ramp
into pendulums two inputs and taking one output from pendulum into video grip
into the bridge fader or mixer section then into video grip

just fill the 4 video rate inputs first and get a feel for the joystick and how the sum switch changes joystick operations (see above post if you haven’t already)

once you have gotten familiar there instead of taking the sum out from video grip into the R input of A or B channels on the visual cortex I would try sending it to the VC composite input on the visual cortex and compositing between black (or whatever color) background in one channel and some kind of video in the other. After that switch to the colorizer instead of VC composite. Then I would start playing with the X,Y ins and outs.


it’s a performance controller, so what do you want to control? I patch the xy outs first. then as I have other parts of a patch going I may send a staircase or some signal back to grip ABCD inputs. once you keep growing the patch and have the ABCD filled. then you can kinda feedback the sum output back one of the original processors ie staircase, prismatic .

I tend to drive the XY inputs on mine with lfos, fill ABCD inputs, and use the sum output. then I can just rebias the mix by hand every once and awhile.

vector mix patch - Patch signals to ABCD inputs take sum output. Sum shows a mix of the inputs based on switch setting and joystick position.

quad panning - patch your favorite signal to A input. Patch ABCD outputs to different points of a patch. now the joystick routes your original signal to the different outputs.


Thank you! I’ll try that tonight :slight_smile:

how does one acquire your modules? aside from what i can find on retail sites? i cant find any of these or any other black panel stuff.

feel free to email me at . currently working on large amounts of modules for retail. but its gonna be a month, analog haven is up first, and ive been talking with lars about stocking here on lzx site. I can get direct orders out in around 5 days or less usually. thanks for the interest.