Polar Fringe loose joystick


@eyesnoface thanks Jonah!

I keep playing the video back to vibe to the tunes!!

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For people who want the grease but don’t want to buy a $32 tube, we’re too overloaded to deal with parceling it up into kits or dealing with RMA upgrades right now, but we’re happy to do a round robin shipping plan with the tube we just bought. We’ll ship it to one of you, and that person promises to ship it to the next person on the list, and then so on. That way you guys can get your fringes greased in the meantime.

Who’s in and who’s first?



I am in. Thanks guys!
Will PM you the deets… I will mail it on to the next person… sounds like a good plan.

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Great! We’ll ship it out this week.
To the next person to read this thread who wants the grease, PM @DesertMuseum with your address and be prepared to ship it along to the next person.
Feel free to squirt a bit out into a little jar if you want to save some for the future.



I’ve thought about starting a video synthesis book/video sharing via this same round robin method
great idea!

my polar fringe joystick still feels great so if there are people who’s response is lacking currently I’ll let them go first but I’d love to get in on this tube sharing



Ok! Who is next? PM me with your shipping address and I will get this grease in the mail. Worked great for me!!

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I’ll take it. Will let you know how it works compared to the first kind I used. Will PM you my address via FB as that is where we usually chat.



Anyone else need this? Happy to ship it out

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@destroythings Do you still need a solution here?

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Yes but I’m away on tour for another month so won’t be back to my modular until then.

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I noticed mine getting a bit loose, I’ll take you up.

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