Ordering Materials for Cadet Modules

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I’m interested in starting with my first Cadet module and am wondering whether we can export the bill of materials to a shopping cart at Mouser or the other providers. Forgive me if I’m missing something obvious…
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I think you can import the CVS file to Mouser. I have not tried this yet.

You can also manually search for each parts.

note that some parts are outdated. see the relevant thread for substitutions
thread link

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You can totally import the CVS file as a BOM. Import > view > add to cart. You may have to log in or create an account first.

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@jambirn, the BOM loader on Mouser is good but definitely double check the results because sometimes it’ll mess something up, or look weird especially because it’s an item like jacks that should be ordered from Thonk for instance.
A good tip is to round up some items like resistors to 10, 25 or 100 to get a good price break. Often 4 of something will cost close to the same as 10 or possibly even more.
Other things like headers & sockets are way cheaper from Tadya Electronics but coming from Thailand, it takes longer if you go for the cheapest shipping option.
You can load up a few BOM and add them to your cart as needed.

really good explanation @ Fritz . i hope this answer will help …Thanks

Theres also this Google Document, which I used when i built mine.
Its been a while but it should still hold up and contains the links to Mouser Projects (containg every single part) for every Module.


That’s a big help, @Temp_hill! Can you confirm that the Cadet V Scaler Alternate C listed here is indeed for +/-5V to 0-1V? That’s the one I’m looking for, but I ended up building the Alternate B due to misnomenclature in the LZX docs.

Yeah thats where im confused as well, I guess it should be the correct version.
But maybe someone else can chime in from this thread?