[ORDER] BLUR , an analog video effect module

note that the BOM is updated to BLUR BOM usersv3i.pdf
make sure you use a 3way switch (on-off-on) to get all 3 possible ranges


New pcbs are in stock!


Howdy! I’m interested in 2 pcbs for the Blur and 1 pcb of the 3Trins to LZX adapter, if it’s possible to combine shipping.

may I buy a built BLUR?

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Yes you can! (I send you a message)

New screenshots: (a tutorial patchguide is being developed)

Shape synthesis (a patch with 2 VCOs, a Hardkey generator and a Ramps)

Strange keying effects: (a patch with a Hardkey generator and feedback)


Standalone BLUR test:

The BLUR module can be used as standalone video effect

some remarks:

  1. At extreme blur settings you lose sync (this can be adjusted with a smaller capacitor value at c8)
  2. The gain setting is too high, this should be adjusted with other resistor values at r18 & r28
  3. The CV input will also be unsynced, so it will scroll.
    If you use the same source and add some variations to it, you can get nice results.
    image changing effects such as keying & highpass filters / edge enhancers work really good:
    the results are partially blurred effects and shifted patterns.
    I’ll post some screengrabs later!