Navigator Plus Vidiot

I’m thinking of adding a navigator to my vidiot and am wondering what to expect from the navigator when processing external video. There’s only one video I found on youtube showing color changing of the external video. I think a bridge and a staircase may also be necessary to get more pattern effects, but I’m trying to do one thing at a time. If you have experience with the vidiot and navigator working together could you please provide your insight? :slight_smile:

Also, tips/insights for patterns generated on the vidiot using only the navigator would be welcomed also. I’m new to video synthesis but I’m excited to be getting into this world. I’ve watched all of the videos on youtube about the navigator, but found most of them to involve several other modules so I’m really trying to get my head around what the pair of vidiot and navigator can do alone. Thanks!

It should be a fun pair. Have you seen this?

Indeed! That’s actually the one that made me buy it, but now I’m looking for more examples/ideas :slight_smile:

Cool. You’ll have fun experimenting with the pair. If you find a novel patch, please post your results.

Will do! I picked up a few more modules so I’ll see what I can come up with :slight_smile: