Mesh displacement on the memory palace

hi there-

i have a question about mesh displacement on the memory palace.
what kinds of waves/frequencies do the alpha and aux inputs respond to in a stable manner?

i have been trying to reproduce the patching in this tutorial:
using the equipment i have on hand (audio input/VCO/LFO)

i have had a hard time producing stable x/y mesh displacement. most of the time the displacement is either far too rapid or far too slow to look meaningful.

from my efforts so far, it seems that the aux/y displacement seems to respond to VCO sine waves at certain frequencies. the alpha/x displacement is another matter. i have had some limited success with audio input.

really looking forward to hearing some suggestions here.

You might want to try attenuating your voltage prior to input into MP for mesh displacement (if you haven’t already) and see if that helps.

Attenuation is a must. If you’re using audio modules, scaling down to 0-1V would also be helpful. If you have an oscillator synced to your LZX gear, you will get the best results.

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thanks for the tips! turns out i wasn’t attenuating or syncing enough!

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