LZX <-> PC integration and sync

Posted this on Facebook. But thought of posting this also here. Might be interesting for someone. Sometimes I need complex signals that I can’t achieve with the Cadets I have, so I thought of integrating my PC to generate signals through a MOTU soundcard (which has 8 DC coupled outputs at 192KHz). The good news is that the computer can dialogue and syncs very well with both Horizontal and Vertical ramps. The ramps can be processed quite well into a sphere and the signals sent back to the Cadets for more processing. Here a small overview of my setup and of more artistic results. I see this as a useful tool for prototyping maths less for exploration.

Setup (Extron is not necessary I just wanted to try an extra level of sync)

Spherical wrapping


Really great! I don’t understand how this works but hopefully soon :sweat_smile:


Thanks check the first video slowly. But in essence if you have max MSP the phasor~ object sets your ramps frequency and horizontal and it stays very well in sync. So from there you can sync whatever signal to your LZX.

Are you then also sending synced vertical ramps from the PC through the motu interface?

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There is this too Improvisation on a Sphere - YouTube

I receive the ramps and process them in the motu sound card. To make a spere and for rotation.

How are you compensating for the buffer sizes in the soundcard?

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Hi I use small buffer sizes and I sync manually with a bit of delay of one frame.

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Wow. That’s ace.
I suppose that you can calculate that when you know the buffer sizes.
This is real food for thought!

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