Memory Palace and Matteo Ricci?

Hi all,

I was searching for books on Chinese history (don’t ask) on Amazon recently and came across a remarkable title: “The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci”

I didn’t even make the connection until I was revisiting my plans to purchase a Memory Palace (the LZX) variety that I put the two together. So I was wondering if the Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci was the source of the name of the LZX product? Lars?



Memory Palace is a reference to a mental focus technique called a mind palace or method of loci. Us humans have very poor memories for facts, but amazing capabilities in pattern recognition and visual/spatial memory. So if you need to remember some facts, one way to do it is to create a mind palace. You close your eyes and imagine yourself in a virtual space. On the countertop is the first thing you need to remember. Then, on the table, another fact – through the doorway, on the chair, another – and so on. By imagining yourself walking through the mind palace, you can quickly recall a huge catalog of information your brain would not otherwise be capable of storing and recalling so easily.

As an instrument design, Memory Palace does for analog video images something analogous – through feedback and complex routing, the frame becomes a vast wealth of temporal information that the analog signal has forgotten many times over.


P.S. Let me know if that book is any good, I have not read it!