@desertmuseum Headroom applies to both contexts. Have 10-20% extra on both the DC brick draw and the EuroRack draw is always a good idea. Malekko Power is a great option with some wiggle room for a 208HP LZX system. (+/-2.08Amps estimated power draw max.) It was a challenge, but my design requirement was to make a portable EuroRack power supply that could handle any 208HP LZX system without headaches or worries with noise or current limitations.

The reason there’s an 8.34Amp brick with Vessel is so you have over 2 Amps of extra current. There’s an internal DC barrel jack inside the case, you can use it with those 2.1mm DC jumper cables (like used on guitar pedal rigs) to power modules with a 12V DC input on the back. So you can think of the power directly from the brick as “dirty 12V” and the power from the EuroRack busboard as “clean 12V.”

Whenever an LZX module has a largely unbalanced power load on the +12V EuroRack rail, we’re including an option to use a backpanel 12VDC input to power just the dirty/digital portion of the circuit. With the Vessel case, this saves current on your “clean +/-12V,” since the extra power is pulling directly off the DC brick instead of the Malekko power board.

For example, with Vessel case your power budgets are:

  • 2.2Amps of “clean +12V” (EuroRack power, from Malekko Power board)
  • 2.2Amps of “clean -12V” (EuroRack Power, from Malekko Power board)
  • 2.34Amps of “dirty +12V” (extra current from the Cincon DC brick, unused by Malekko Power)

Memory Palace draws 440mA on +12V and 40mA on -12V when powered by the EuroRack (clean +/-12V.) If its DC barrel connector (for dirty +12V) is in use, it draws 400mA from the dirty +12V and +/-40mA from the clean +/-12V. So with Vessel:

  • Memory Palace powered entirely by EuroRack +/-12V, you have remaining power budget left of 1.76Amps clean +12V, 2.16Amps clean -12V, and the unused 2.34Amps of dirty 12V.
  • If the 12VDC dirty power input is used, you have remaining power budget left of 2.16Amps clean +12V, 2.16Amps of clean -12V, and 1.94Amps of dirty 12V.

Currently the modules supporting “dirty 12V” include Memory Palace, TBC2, Liquid TV and the Erogenous Tones Structure module.