Mac Laptop into Visual Cortex


Well, not 100 percent correct, some seem ok, others off… Spectrum and mix are turned off. I had to try again, to make sure I’m not hallucinating. Here is a photo from the TV, after running the signal through the Visual Cortex.

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That’s interesting… I’ve never seen this on my system. Not sure what’s at play here. Awesome result though!

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I got one of those Porta HDMI to Component, but so far can’t get Visual Cortex to sync to it. I seem to have the same results as @nazz
Would you mind explaining how did you get it to work?

As for my previous experience with getting some colour out of composite (as discussed above with @48HourVideo), it seems it might have been the tv I was using, that somehow manages to decode some colours from the composite coming through the Visual Cortex. The video grabber I’m now using to monitor and record on a laptop only gives me black and white, as expected.

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I ended up purchasing a blackmagic intensity shuttle. I use rca in the ypbpr. You can download the the driver and most recent software through the blackmagic site. Adjust the settings in the software to match your settings (pixel aspect ratio) in whichever video program you are using.

Here are some videos that helped me:


Thanks for the reply. Which one did you get, Thunderbolt or USB-3? My MacBook uses USB-C, so I will need an adapter. Also, the Intensity Shuttle doesn’t seem to support Mac OS 10.12 (or Adobe Premiere CS6), and I hate upgrading the OS. All considered, it seems a bit too much (around 250€ including adapter), just so I can get colours into the Visual Cortex. For that money, I rather but another LZX module. But I’ll keep it in mind.

In the video you linked, they guy uses Windows… Does it work very much the same in Mac? The other video is cool, I really like that Visual Cortex series, but I would love to see him getting composite from a new MacBook Pro. He just connects his DVD-player to the Cortex and it just works… I would also love to know what DVD player is that, with composite out. Maybe it’ll be cheaper just to buy a DVD-player like that.

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Get the thunderbolt version. It works fine with a MacBook Pro, adaptor, and premiere.


Ok, thanks. Noted. That would cost me € 315 (including adapter and Thunderbolt 2 cable) here in Germany. On the seller’s page I see that it supports Mac OS 10.6 and above, so that’s a relief. Still, at the moment I think I’ll prefer to buy another LZX for that money. But I’ll definitively think about it.

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This thing is perfect, but it might be hard to find in Europe. It also claims to do PAL, but I’ve never tried that.


This one is available in Europe, and claims to support 480i Ypbpr resolution:

Not sure if to give it a try, but at least their (Musuo) HDMI to AV works fine with the Visual Cortex, so there’s hope.


I bough the Thunderbolt Intensity Shuttle, connected via thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter to MBP 2018. I can see the Intensity Shuttle from the Mac (it appears in Desktop Video software), but I can’t output to my Visual Cortex as the Intensity Shuttle just won’t appear as a second (or third) display no matter what I do. Any ideas, friends?


Ok, I guess this wasn’t clear. It’s easy enough. I’ll explain for other users and then ask my questions.

I’ll explain. You have to install Black Syphon. I also installed Syphon. I’m not sure if that mattered, but what the heck!

Then you have to connect the Blackmagic Thunderbolt Intensity Shuttle and launch Black Syphon and Lumen. Choose Lumen for the video stream and Lumen-Main Output. For Video output choose NTSC, and now you are good to go.

The only thing is that my colors are off. How do we set the Visual Cortex to have all the colors correct.
Also, ok, lovely, great, brilliant, ace! But how can we, say play a youtube video to Black Syphon?


hmm not sure if there is a browser plugin for syphon, but I’ve not looked recently

I do video playback to lumen via either processing or praxis_live into syphon

both are really simple java programming environments & praxis is to some extent a visual drag and drop environment - quite easy to knock up a feedback mixer with camera input, video playback and the syphon from lumen being mixed and effected - with the mixing and effects modulated by other objects or midi cc inputs

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Does that mean that the Intensity Shuttle wouldn’t just output everything I can see on my screen?


Until someone proves me wrong, I will assume that. Why must is be so?


I got this one, good working, acceptable picture quality :

I’m in the PAL world, doesn’t test it in ntsc…
take the scaler version to be sure it will work.