LZX Scrolls - A Gen3 Dual Motion Controlled Ramp Generator

Info from https://lzxindustries.net/products/scrolls

Dual Motion Controlled Ramp Generator

Available for pre-sale now. All orders will ship the first week of December 2023. Stay tuned to LZX newsletter and social media for announcements about live streams and demo videos.

Scrolls is a motion controlled dual ramp waveform generator. There are a few ways you can use it in your video synthesizer, such as positioning, parallaxing, and animated transitions.

Width, 12HP
Mounting Depth, 32mm

Video Sync
Rear RCA Sync Input Jack
Rear RCA Sync Output Jack

Power Consumption
+12V @ 150mA

Power Entry
Rear DC Barrel Jack
Rear EuroRack 16 Pin Header



J1 Phase 1 CV Input Input

J2 Phase 2 CV Input Input

J3 LFO 1A Output Output

J4 LFO 1B Output Output

J5 LFO 2A Output Output

J6 LFO 2B Output Output

J7 Ramp 1 Output Output

J8 Pulse 1 Output Output

J9 Ramp 2 Output Output

J10 Pulse 2 Output Output

J11 Saw 1 Output Output

J12 Tri 1 Output Output

J13 Saw 2 Output Output

J14 Tri 2 Output Output


P1 Phase 1

P2 Phase 2

P3 Phase CV Depth 1

P4 Phase CV Depth 2

S1 Speed Mode

S2 Ramp Mode

S3 Primary Mode

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There’s a scheduled stream to preview Scrolls on the LZX Twitch channel for the following dates & times:
Friday November 10th at 7pm (PST)
Saturday November 11th at 10am (PST)


Always grateful for your efforts in announcing video synth companies’ products for them on their own forums before they can get to it. :pray:

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For the users on here who aren’t on Facebook or Discord, have you heard any info at all or indepth about Scrolls?

@rempesm, your cynicism is what it is as is your disdain. Feel free to pm/dm me about it if you so wish.

This post is catagorised under “news”, it’s not intended to be an product “About Page” or to replace one.
@Z0NK0UT or @creatorlars, I’ll happily take this page down if ye guys say so.


So it seems like Scrolls has also gotten very little if not zero mention on the LZX Facebook page according to the search result I’ve just gotten. So all the action seems to be on the LZX Discord server now. Thanks to Paul & George for setting it up back in 2020! If you’re not over there, it’s very very active.


From the Discord #patch-talk channel:

03/12/2023 06:08

For C mode, the LFO outputs are: 1A Trapezoid @ 0 Degrees 1B Trapezoid @ 90 Degrees 2A Trapezoid @ 180 Degrees 2B Trapezoid @ 270 Degrees

In modes #5-#7, the LFO outputs tend to be 4 variations of a single LFO. In #8 (Random) there are actually 4x separate generators coming to the outputs (so you get 4x random outs – the A outputs are tied to the ramp phase, and the B outputs are independent.)

As a patching prompt, the LFO outs are meant as a utility for creating motion that is synchronous to the ramp motion. Kind of like 2x gears at different ratios. So as the ramp scrolls, a key opens.


Love my scrolls, but there is an issue with the mirror mode leaving a vertical gap / seam. Here are a few examples, I was in 1080 30p for these I think. Wondering if this has to do with the HD timing, sync chain, or needing a firmware update? Let’s get rid of these seams please! :vulcan_salute:


Thank you for these examples. I know Lars has this on his firmware bug list.

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Yes, thanks. I thought others must have the sync stripe too. Thanks for posting! Scrolls is really great, when this is seamless, it will be yet more mega

FYI reach out to support for a RMA if your module Scrolls needs this fix too. About to send mine in. :saluting_face::heart_hands:


thanks very much for the heads up, I will have to do that also


Is the “vertical gap/seams” issue fixed in new Scroll modules available in the shop???

The new Scrolls modules available directly from LZX incorporate the newest firmware that removes the “seam”


…aaah! - there is a firmware-update available on the LZX-site…

…just put the update on my Scrolls (no. 30), cannot try it at the moment though…

…just in case i am not the only one who missed that there is a firmware-update 1.0.1…

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There is an update on the Scrolls page, but it does not eliminate the seam. That update must be performed at LZX. Contact support@lzxindustries.net to set up an RMA.

These ramps are clean! Thanks for the RMA fix.