LZX RGB Mini-snake appreciation post

I don’t see too much discussion of the LZX RGB mini-snake cables, and how awesomely useful they are. In addition to the obvious use cases of RGB patching, they come in handy in a variety of other situations, like using three different Shapechager outputs into Staircase in/phase/frequency, or three Topogram outs into Color Chords.

I’ve even started using them in my audio rig; they’re very handy for skiff-to-skiff or controller-modular connections. When you want to quickly deploy cases for a performance, having a single snake with color-coded outputs saves setup time. Three is a good number, matches up with pitch/mod/gate voice channels on the Keystep Pro, or the three main outs of the 0-CTRL. You could of course label and bind together any 1/8” cable, but the snakes are sleek and ready-to-go.

I have a request: make longer versions! Four or six feet would be awesome for the case-interconnect use case.


oooh a extra long version would be so nice totally agree
I try to always pick up at least one of the snakes with every order
I honestly need to pick up some more cables soon here in general


I like to use the RGB mini-snakes for the Castle 3-Bit data streams. I set it up BGR from the top down (B-0 G-1 R-2) so that I can visibly differentiate the digital signals from the analog RGB signals.

Routing between an ADC and a Flip Flops or DAC is where the now discontinued 6 inch cable really shines. I wouldn’t mind purchasing a couple more of those. A 36 inch or 48 inch version would be awesome for connecting the 0-1V channel From a Vidiot or Chromagnon.

Come to think of it, how rad would it be to be able to have a 120 inch cable so that friends could hang out and jam with their synthesizers at video rates? Maybe two band mates have their instruments in a practice space. The keyboard player has a vessel case with some Expedition and Orion modules. The drummer is simply blown away by the concept of video synthesis and buys a Chomagnon.

In this use case, a 10-foot to 20-foot RGB mini(?)-snake would be perfect for integrating multiple pieces of hardware. A sync cable of that length would be necessary as well. Would it be crazy talk to suggest an extra long, four channel cable, with 1/8” TS RGB and RCA tipped sync? It would be perfect for the Vidiot, and it seems something like that would work well as a link between a Chromagnon and a TBC2. This connection could probably be accomplished with a 4 x RCA snake as well (not for Vidiot though). One can dream though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The easy way to make your own custom length snakes!



Split loom tubing’ (above) is definitely cheap and effective (but not very graceful) for a diy snake. It’s great for something permanent and perhaps run in a rack or attached to something. 20’ of it is rather unwieldy.

if anyone is looking for better drape, have a look at tech-flex/ similar brands of ‘wire sleeve’. Kind of like the nylon version of the old finger traps you would get for a quarter at the deli. Except you buy this by the foot on Amazon. It’s low profile and comes in varying diameter based on how much cable you need to jam
Into it.

there exists also a ‘split sleeve’ that is similar to the tube but mesh and flexible if you are concerned your connectors will not fit.

I prefer the tech-flex name brand because I feel like it frays less and has more flex, but there are
Lots of options/price points.

If you are looking for the super budget solution, you can use friction tape (not: electrical
gaffers or duct for the love of cables) to wrap the cable in small 1/2” or 1/4” ‘bands’ every 18” . Or further spacing if it’s a larger cable (like feeder cable). The friction tape gums less and stays longer over time. 3m is my preferred brand it does last longer and gums less and hold better than the off brands but to each their own I think with regards to brand.


No need to dream.

I think that if you are at all diy-inclined you could easily make Such a thing with the right connectors and cable stock.

Shielded or foil insulated is probably best at that distance. Belden probably has something thin and flexy. Building a custom cable could be a great entry barrier breaker to DIY anything if you have never picked up an iron,cutters, screw gun or something of that nature.

Depending on what’s out there on eBay you could get a older /partially used spool of video multi cable for inexpensive and make a few 25’ for the price of one(?) …

But…Quick and dirty I’d pick up a lighter duty analog 25’ 5-wire bnc snake off eBay (maybe 50’ damaged and cut in half?) and then adapt to 3.5mm / lop the ends off and re terminate to 3.5mm. I personally hate the bnc to 3.5mm bullets too much flex on the jack and end of cable If you don’t strain relief well.

Flip side:
If you want to spend some money but get a really nice cable, pacific radio will happily build you this and it could be very low profile / whatever specs you can dream up . Maybe in house sound would as well/ I am sure there are a bunch of AV shops that would at this point as things are slow… I know 100% pac-rad let’s you spec and pay for it. Not cheap IIRC; but maybe give them a call/check out online , everyone there has been very nice to me over the past 20 years.

My only real worry would be distance for the lzx signal- I bet the sync will be fine if anything hit a humbucker to clean up the noise if you’re going more than a handful of feet / past your refrigerator.


Yo! Thank you very much for the awesome suggestions and considerations! For Cable management I really like Onewrap by Velcro. Its reusable and a little can go a long way in bundling cables.

As far as DIYing my dream into existence, while I find myself somewhat ham-handed around PCBs, I’m confident in my ability to solder cables. I have a used 4-channel Mogami 2931 snake that I picked up off of eBay a while back. I’m thinking of switching out the connectors to 1 x RCA, and 3 x 1/8"TS to use to connect a Vidiot “remotely” to my system. It’s over 20 feet, so I’m going to see how much distortion is induced and trim down if necessary.

I’ll check out Pacific Radio as well. I have not heard of them. Thank you again for the recommendations!

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Another option for case interconnects: DB-25 cables! PulpLogic makes some 1U modules: Tether – Pulp Logic

I have a set I use as a go between from my video case to my audio rack.



One wrap is tight (lol) - I live and die by the rolls of die cut cable ties. Very good price and excellent speed of deployment. I can honestly say now, post pandemic, every cable in my studio is bound with one.

The rolls, They are waiting for Me in every case and on every shop order, along with gaff and tie line…

even so, I find one wrap doesn’t really always bind to a cable the same way friction does, and slips on me over time (load-in/load-out).

So absolutely it’s for things that need to change - it’s the perfect solution. I’ve even mostly stopped
using zip ties inside racks for short shows and one offs when the rack maybe exists in that config for 2-3 weeks and one truck ride :slight_smile:

Speaking of zip ties…
Has anyone here used a zip- tie gun?
Thoughts ? Feelings?
I have never found one that worked for me properly, but have always assumed Its most likely PEBGAC.

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