LZX Production Status 2018, Updated September 27th



fingers crossed mine is in there!!!:crossed_fingers:
(ordered mid august from MidiAmsterdam)


I’ll check in on that today.


brilliant, thanks Lars!!!


Well, I must be really glutton for punishment, because I ordered a Memory Palace, even though the Vidiot (via Perfect Circuit) is still in assembly hell. I’m either a complete vidiot (sorry, couldn’t resist), or I’m going to have a kick ass system shortly.

I tried to order a couple RGB mini snakes to my order, but I get a server error. Is there anything special about those cables, or are they basically mono 1/8 cables of the Eurorack variety in convenient colors?


they are standard mono minijack cables… they are just really nice for modules that you need to patch 3 channels like
staircase -> color chords -> cortex

on the other hand the RCA cables from LZX kick ass because they are right angled and good for skiff cases if you need it


Hi Lars did you manage to check this???


Yes I did, but I am not seeing a Visual Cortex on order with Midi Amsterdam. I’m sorting it out with them today, don’t worry: we’ll make sure you get your Cortex.


thanks for the feedback Lars… that’s good news!!! hope you have a great day Jim


I’m going to close this thread in anticipation of a larger recap/production update towards the end of the month. If you have specific questions about your order which you don’t feel are adequately answered by this thread, please e-mail sales@lzxindustries.net.