LZX Production Status 2018, Updated September 27th



So, is the waiting list position # listed on an LZX sales order correct?


Should be now. I cleared out all the old quotations last week, so there shouldn’t be any erroneous tallying going on at this point.


Going into September we had about 200 backorders (from before closing down orders in late May) and the first half of those have been shipped now. Your order was entered May 3rd and that would have been shortly before closing the orders, so your current list spot of #84 seems correct to me.


Great! Thanks, Lars!


Good to know! (Was starting to worry a little again when I hadn’t heard from them yet.) Thanks!


On the bright side, the Sensory Translator and Bridge I ordered from Perfect Circuit shipped today after ordering it last night, so when the Vidiot finally arrives, I’ll be ready to integrate it with less fuss.


Edit to my previous reply: I found several more old dealer quotes that needed to be cleared out of the system. So you may see your waiting list # drop from somewhere between 1-60 spots just now, depending on how recently you ordered.


Hey Lars! Posting here for continuity’s sake. Was ecstatic to crack open the box and get to work but it seems like a portion of your recent output has some sort of functional issue. Obviously I have read the thread regarding how to process a return, and am interested in how long you project something like that taking. Clearly there is this ongoing anxiety regarding this purchase and how to best wrap up this consumer experience with a functioning device. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for giving this thing a go with a screwdriver and what not, but I’m a little shocked that after all the run around it’s time to do surgery on this thing.

Please advise.


@7pip Hey there! Full thread on that issue here:

We’re posting some photos of how to fix it yourself this morning.


Hey Lars, it’s great to see that Vidiots are flying out the warehouse - any ETA on my order and when orders will be open again?


The next 100 units are mostly done, we’re waiting on more PCB assemblies to arrive (China had a holiday last week, so they’re shipping a little later than expected.) We probably won’t open orders again until next year.


Hey Lars, just noticed my Shapechanger back order position move from #7 to #6. Is this an update from the old schedule from a few months back to the new schedule?


Hey Jonus, I recently cleared a bunch of old pending quotes out of the system (as explained above), so there must have been one Shapechanger in there that was quoted (and adding to the tally) but never paid for, hence the change in the waiting list slot.


Awesome! Thank you for the update on that.
In regards to the Shapechanger modules. Have they reached production at this stage or is it still in pending status? No problems if it is. Mainly just curious, that’s all.


We’ll let you know when it ships Jonus!


No problems at all. Thanks Lars!


Hey guys, the speed that vidiots are being shipped seems to have slowed right down this week and last. Any updates?

Sincerely, #64 :crossed_fingers:


The PCB assemblies that are holding us up (referenced above) shipped on Sunday finally – they were held up due to the Chinese holiday earlier this month. So should be moving right along again before the end of the week.


@creatorlars any update on visual cortexes??? Looks like some are finding their way out (to schneidersladen for example)


Yes, that’s the update! We’re shipping Cortex. All units from this batch are sold out, but we still have a few left to ship.