Vidiot For Sale in 2021?

I am looking to purchase a Vidiot to explore applying the synth to a parametric design system but unfortunately can’t find one for sale. While the new LZX synth looks amazing, I want a more minimal system that would be easier to explore initially.

Any help finding one for sale?

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have you tried facebook? there’s a video gear exchange group and the LZX Industries group - they pop up from time to time on there…

you might have to wait a bit, people may be waiting for Chromagnon to arrive before selling

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it is no longer being made which means parts won’t always be around at LZX HQ I would imagine…like those double pots which lots of people have said are trouble…myself included…which is why I no longer have a vidiot.

do you know that it is composite video input?
and that the composite input is B&W?
you understand there is no regular component video output/input on the hardware?

these may sound silly but I’ve seen people misunderstanding each of those in just the past month.

not trying to scare you away from video synthesis by any means just want to make sure you understand what you are buying because I’ve seen this post happen so many times. Then a person buys the ~$1000 pieces of hardware and are like wait it only does B&W video input?

Unfortunately vidiots are in scalper territory at this point because people have a specific fascination with this one device. So you will end up paying more for a used synth than when it was new.

if all that squares away with you then keep an eye out on reverb and ebay.

as @Agawell said there will be a second unloading of visual cortexes/vidiots after the chromagnon video drops in the next couple months.

in the meantime Software tools list - wiki - scanlines there are so many software tools for getting started with video synthesis

in the video art study group we’ve been playing around with hydra a bunch lately! It really flows in a similar way to patching a modular synth.

at the next group meeting I think I’ve got us lined up to have a guest come and talk about a new open source software video synth they just released 3 days ago


Great advice. I’ll check there. That’s a good point about waiting to sell.


Someone put two units up for sale in the LZX Facebook group an hour ago.

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