LZX ANGLES. wall of ramps

ANGLES is a 12HP ramp generator with 24 fixed outputs at 15 degree increments from 0 degrees (H-Ramp) to 345 degrees. It can also be used as a general purposed fixed ratio mixer by patching the inputs. It’s a protractor for your patch!

read the docs



Please make a video using these as inputs to DSG3!

If I pick one of these up, I think I’m going to need a simple manual switch module with some nice toggle switches. I bet that’ll be fun.


(Oh, also, the “lzx storefront” link currently goes to the same URL as the “read the docs” link.)

Got it. Thanks. 20characters

J.woods already has one!


Glad to hear! I’m still new enough that I can’t quite picture what each patching tip would result in, let alone grok the possibilities of the four inputs.

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