Angles outputs not ramps

I got some new modules yesterday (Ribbons and Stacker), which work great, but then discovered that my Angles module wasn’t working as expected. It was working find when I last used my synth, but now all the Angles outputs are high.

So I tested the obvious things. I put Angles on its own PSU and gave it the sync signal direct from ESG3. No change. I removed Ribbons and Stacker, then tested again. No change.

What else can I try? If the module is defective, what can I do? This happened to me with a TBC2, and the shop I bought it from was about to replace it. Will this module also need replacing or is there something else I can do to fix this problem?


Sorry to hear that your Angles is misbehaving. You can either deal with the shop you purchased the module from or send a message to to arrange a repair.


Ok, thanks. I’ll try the shop first.

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