I need your help about Edirol V-8

Hello from South Korea, I bought Edirol v8 (used) but it didn’t work. I think the machine have some problem or issue in connecting with BNC port only Output side another side like Preview is perfectly good. Are there attach to pic: glitching like that, or there is no Signal.

Here is my theories

First, there is a problem a port of the BNC OR S-video in Output zone (coincidentally another port doesn’t have any problem)

Question: can I fix the BNC port?

Second, the television that I using now is even have an RCA or AV port, but it is kind of the smart TV. I can connect with YouTube or Netflix whenever it can connect to Wi-Fi. So that my television is some newer than V8 so the V8 doesn’t aware the signal correctly. If that is the answer, I can buy the old CRT TV in somewhere.

The seller told me I will send you another one. If another one even walk, I will refund your money, yeah, that is good, but as a graduate student who need this machine as my project money it’s not that much important.

I really really want to use this machine for my work for my project for my graduation but right now I can’t so I feel like my heart is broken and I feel very sad. So now I’m writing this with the longing heart or eagerly

Hope you help me and have a nice weekend.

If the Preview output is working, I assume the unit is set to the correct region, PAL/NTSC.
In the attached picture the output fade is all the way down, with the switch set to white, I assume this is what a white screen is looking like?
Do you get the same issue if there are no other cables connect to inputs? If so then it narrows it down a lot and it’s easy to reproduce, it doesn’t sound too promising.
My first suggestion would be to try it on another display, find anyone who has an older display with composite or s-video inputs, you could try to find a used electronic store nearby and see if you can try it there. If it doesn’t work on two separate displays then I’d return the unit for a refund or replacement.

Judging by the fact that preview works but the other outputs look like that, I suspect you may have the same issue my V4 has. The V4’s rev3 board is the same as the V8 aside from a few extra components and firmware.

If you have the opportunity to return it, do it. It will save you a lot of time and trouble.

If you cannot return it, continue reading.

I believe the issue is with the FPGA which is not good. On my V4, I narrowed down the culprits using the service manuals block diagrams. The Preview signal is multiplexed from a point upstream, skipping the FPGA. The other output signals all go through it, even without applying any video effects.

Something interesting about mine is that when I leave it powered on for about an hour and let it heat up, the outputs all start working perfectly. When it begins to work correctly, the EEPROM settings on screen are corrupted. Toggling between presets straightens it out.
When I remove the shielding and let air flow into the machine, it cools down and the image will return to looking like your example above. Therefore, heat is only temporary and not reliable.

I imagine there are two possible causes for this. Either 1. There is a broken or cold solder joint under the FPGA or 2. The FPGA has an internal fracture on the die itself. You can do nothing for #2 aside from selling the mixer for parts. It may be possible to fix #1 with a reflow which I have not tried yet.

This may be a silly test, but I would like for you to power on your V8 for about an hour and see if the outputs correct themselves. You may even speed up the process of thermal expansion by covering the whole thing with a towel or blanket. (Yes I am serious.)

If thermal expansion is able to temporarily fix the outputs, then you may consider reflowing the FPGA which is not a task for the inexperienced; I don’t even want to do it myself and I am fairly confident in myself.

Again, if you can return it: return it!

EDIT: Just to be clear, only the preview output works? BNC1, BNC2 and S-Video output do not work?


Big thanks! I just returned and I decided to find another V-4 or V-8
until now I have lot of curious about V-8, but maybe if can’t use 100% of V-8, V-4 should be better haha

(already have V-4, the reason why I tried to buy V-8 is one for my house, another one for laboratory of my university)


hey, kinda random, i’m in korea too. we should collaborate some time.

Perfectly agree with you