Hypno DIY kit release

Exciting to see the Sleepy Circuits Hypno is available in a DIY kit from December.


Nice one! Too bad they’re not completely DIY. Would definetely buy the PCB set if available.

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They are soooo expensive though in my opinion. I’d love to have one but they are almost the price of Chromagnon which can do worlds more things. Just my opinion.

They’re different devices for different goals. Pretty much everything that the Chromagnon can do is stuff that the Hypno can’t, that’s true, but also pretty much everything the Hypno does is stuff the Chromagnon can’t.

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Yeah I feel that, $420 for the kit is closer to what I’d want to pay. Feels like since its Raspberry Pi based it should be a similar price to the C&G Eyesy but obviously software development has its costs too which is easy for us to overlook in a majority analogue hardware community.

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You do have a valid point there.