Hubble image pack for Memory Palace

Hey all,

I just reformatted 100 Hubble images and uploaded them to Dropbox for everyone to use with MemPal:

All images sourced here:

Sort by “favorites” and you’ll get all the same pictures I downloaded.

Everything was saved at highest possible resolution from the source, then resized and cropped to 720x486 and saved as PNG.



Thank you very much for your time and willingness to share!


Thank you so much @Genlok :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Space is the place!


btw making “thumb” thumbnails folder is super easy if you use this method to batch resize to 128x96


Hey @Genlok curious why you chose 486 instead of 480 for the vertical resolution?
I’m getting thin borders when using this content, but not sure if that’s the reason,
or if it’s just those damn seams I can’t get rid off when using stills at certain keyer settings.
Is there a reason the extra 6 pixels are better than the recommended 720x480?

Supposedly 720x486 is the frame size of MP. If you look at the stock images they are that resolution.

Odd that you’re having a seam issue. When I first formatted some stills for MP I did 720x480 because this is what @Johnnywoods says in his video, but I would get a small black seam with those images. Later on the Facebook group @creatorlars confirmed it is in fact 720x486, and I also later saw that this is in the user guide here on the forum.

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I see thanks for the info on resolution! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here is a thin seam visible using these images in dual MP, diver, and vidiot patch.

There is a thin and thick line visible perpendicular to each other here, I don’t mind the thick one, but the thin ones I try to avoid when I can. It looks like the end of the tile effect matrix (as if it was maybe 8x8 screens tiled) repeating has a seam to me, but it’s not always there depending on keyer settings, position, and the image used in my experience so far.
Probably just needed to dial the keyer better? :man_shrugging:

Side note, it’s interesting there is a black border on the right of this capture, so far I’ve just had black borders at bottom of picture that I usually scale out in post. @Z0NK0UT mentioned the bottom black line is related to sync signal? Perhaps this right side black bar is s-video out borders? I just started using the s-video output instead of composite on one my MP, as it’s hdmi output is more unstable than my first Memory Palace. Wonder if it’s related to it not being the master in the sync chain? Only one MP can be eh. :man_shrugging: :crazy_face:

Yes there’s a black border on any external video inputs that I use, even if I’m using a scaler ahead of my system. But LZX is aware of this and I believe it’s planned to be fixed in V20