How to fill a 2hp gap, for video synthesis?

If you had a 2hp gap to fill in your video system, how would you fill it? First thing that jumps to mind for me is a passive mult. Is there anything else that’d be good?

I would do a passive mult or blank panel. I’m not sure what 2HP modules are out there these days, but any kind of LFO or cycling envelope is always going to be useful.

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Unity mixer or mult for sure.

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If you had bridge in your case already you could grab some like the 2HP LFO.

In fact theres loads of modules on that site that would probably work well paired alongside Bridge.

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Just to note, you don’t necessarily need Bridge to adapt a Euro range LFO. Most inputs can attenuate, and even if you drive them with a larger voltage, you just get a “fade in/pause/fade out/pause” kind of behavior to the modulation. Of course, 1V makes patching easiest.


Also, a dedicated passive mult JUST for distribution of the H/V ramps from Cortex is worth it and very useful! In a larger Expedition system, you’re going to be multing those all over the place.