How do I mount Liquid TV in Vessel?

The following photos are to clarify the ability and method we use to mount Liquid TV into one of the Vessel cases we use in our studio. Right angle RCA sync cables connect from the Sync Out on Visual Cortex to Liquid TV and then again from Sync Out on Liquid TV to the Sync Bus board on Vessel.


Hey Jonah!
In relation to this subject, the mounting depth for My Liquid TV seems to be a few millimeters off from the length that’s shown on the LZX website. Because of this, my TV doesn’t fit at all on the top right hand corner of my Vessel (next to the fan).
I’ve provided two side view images below of my TV module. You can see how the Video sockets + the PCB extends out more than the picture that you’ve provided of yours.

Your unit definitely looks assembled at more of an angle than I’d like to see. If it’s a problem for your case definitely request a warranty return and we’ll be happy to swap it out: