Hope LZX is doing ok during the heatwave?

I don’t see a category for this…

I just want to say I’m thinking about @creatorlars , @Z0NK0UT and the whole LZX family in the Pacific Northwest and hoping you’re keeping cool during the heatwave. I’ll send some fog from the California coast :slight_smile:

Wishing you temperate days ahead…


Thanks for creating this thread @bentoncbainbridge :hugs:

I wrote something similar on the LZX community Facebook page about 7 or 8 hrs ago expressing concern.
It’s mental to see such record breaking temperatures & yet parts of California are much much cooler. So much seems unprecedented yet its been building for years & it’s only the end of June.

We’ve just had about a half a months average rainfall in one day here in Berlin. The satellite photos were worrying, a really slow moving storm just dumping, reminded me of Heuston, TX (Hurricane Harvey?)
Northern Europe quickly cooled down after almost 100°F/37°C temps during the 2nd & early 3rd weeks of June. Mind you, southern Europe is cooking.

Where ever you may be, stay safe & healthy. Please think about the old, frail, homeless or neglected. & the life guards at public swimming pools let alone the first fire fighters. Now I’m reminded of the forest fire that came so close to SW Portland last summer :grimacing: