TBC2 Fan Noise Solution?

Hello, Is there a way to turn the fan of the TBC2 off via the user interface? I also see a fan power print on the back panel, is that also a possible solution? I use my rack for a lot of audio and the fan of this module interferes unfortunately.

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Do you want to burn out your TBC2? The fan is there to protect overheating. MP has a fan as well and if TBC2 is the same then I’d recommend to place TBC2 in a deeper case/rig. Placed in a low depth/shallow case exacerbates the fan noise.

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I was wondering how long it was going to be until there was a TBC2 fan post :rofl:

it is a loud module that is for sure.

maybe getting a small skiff so that it isn’t in the same rack would help?

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I don’t have my TBC2 yet, but I recall for MP there was at some point a firmware recommendation with an option to be added allowing the user to adjust the fan speed? It hasn’t happened, but maybe this is also a future option for the TBC2?

Someone on here replaced the fan on the Memory Palace with a quieter one. Still trying to find that post…

You could setup a 12v circuit for the Gen3 video modules that take barrel power connectors and have it on a switch to turn off and on independent of your eurorack PSU.
I have my Memory Palace on a separate PSU for this reason.


If the fan noise is audibly loud (you should hear a soft whirr), you just need to tighten the securing nuts on the rear panel. We make sure they are not buzzing during QA, but I have observed the screws loosen on some units after being powered on for a while, causing some buzzing. We’ll take extra care when we ship out this next batch.

If the fan is injecting some noise into your EuroRack supply, power the module directly from its 12V DC barrel or DC Distro instead of the EuroRack connector.


Mention of the MP fan is in this thread by user rempsem around Mar.21 and Jun21. It did involve some DIY skills and not just a straight swap out.


I’m not so worried by the volume - I have a 120mm fan running in one of my cabinets - but I do wonder about the pitch and tone of the noise.

The TBC2 fan is on a standard 2-pin connector/socket, and mounted on the rear panel. So it’s easily serviceable if you ever need to replace it.


Thanks again for future proofing this.

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The noise is not electrical or getting into the power, it’s just the fan. I tightened the nutts and no dice. It still produces a hum that I can hear even when I’m working with my closed ear headphones. Looks like I am going to have to wait for someone to report back on a replacement fan like Memory Palace!

The good news is you don’t have to wait on cryptids like user rempsem to figure it out! The model/make number of the fan is right in Lars’ photo so you can search for a datasheet which will tell you what’s required to fit a replacement.

Just make sure the mechanical and power requirements are the same and that it meets your noise rating expectations and it’ll be a snap to replace!


If the humming bothers you, teach it the lyrics


Yeah sorry, it’s not nice for people to expect you to figure it out since I’m assuming you don’t work for LZX. I unfortunately can’t take this on.

Would it be possible for LZX to figure out a replacement fan that users can get?

It is a 25mm x 25mm 12V fan with a standard 2-pin connector. They are common as replacements on some 3D printers and graphics cards, so should not be hard to find. Here is an example from Amazon.


And if brand name/specs are important, here is a list of compatible parts at Mouser:

The only issue with most of the above options is most are not going to have a 2-pin connector crimped on them, just bare leads. So you’d need to splice something like this onto the wires:


Make sure your fan is not rubbing up against power or sync cables in your case. These fans have all been extremely quiet upon leaving LZX


Extremely quiet translates in to how many dBc? :slightly_smiling_face: I was looking at the data sheet of the Sunon fan that was the first in the Mouser list that @creatorlars. On page 7 there’s a cool chart and blurb

SUNON’s “Super Silence” fan series was tested
with standard digital home equipment located
one meter away from the user. Based upon “ISO
532B hearing sensation” and charts on human
auditory reactions that were plotted for different
decibel and frequency levels, the threshold noise
level for SUNON’s Super Silence series’ is below
20 phon, the minimum level that is discernible in
daily living.

‘20 phon’ appears to translate to less than 40dB @ a bit over 100HZ. Cased with other modules at three feet away TBC2s fan measures 48-49dB (not taking frequency into account - I’m not pulling out the frequency analyzer for this post :wink:). That would put it at what Sunol’s spiel classifies as above “the minimum level that is discernible in daily living.”

Regardless, it’s the loudest source of noise from equipment in my studio. And the frequency is right at the level of ‘truly annoying.’


They’re too loud for sure. It’s annoying & an annoying pitch. Definitely the loudest thing in my studio

This Sunon MF25101V2-1000U-A99 runs @ 9600RPM instead of 11k for the stock TBC2 fan GDT2507S12B & rates at 16dbA vs the 25±10%dBA of the stock TBC2 fan.

The Sunon is rated at the same CFM & remember decibels are logarithmic so 6dB is alot

Bet the Sunon will put it into quiet territory. I can throw one in on my next parts order & guinea pig, it is too loud.

If that doesn’t do it I’ma just drill holes & install a bigger fan that’s lower RPM

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