Marble Index Getting Hot?

i was playing around with my expedition rack for the first time in a little while now, and noticed my marble index was getting pretty toasty after a few minutes. it wasn’t burning hot, and no smoke came out (thankfully), but it was warm enough for me to feel a difference with my hand an inch or two above it.

i switched the rack off and removed the marble index in case it was an issue. after looking around on the module and online, it looks like it draws a fair amount of current and there look to be two heat sinks on what i assume are the + and - 12v traces. this is making me think it just runs hot, but figured i’d ask some people who’d know before i chance it with a discontinued module…

anyways, is it normal for the marble index to get noticeably hot, or is there likely something up with mine?

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How well ventilated is your rack?

What power supply are you using and which other modules share that supply?

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Me over here cooking my morning eggs on my VBM for the last 5 years🤷‍♂️

In my experience some modules just run hot. It’s worth investing in a case fan, you’ll definitely increase the lifespan of some components.

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@nerdware @Z0NK0UT @Jesse thanks so much for the responses.

my rack is pretty well ventilated. i do some diy-ing so i made a 6u case without a front wall. the intention was to make it easier to access the power headers, but it also means there’s some good airflow through it (i’d imagine). the marble index was in the row farther from the (missing) front wall.

as for the power supply, it’s a mean well. pretty sure it’s their RS-35-15, and it’s running to a befaco Regulated Power Bus board. the other modules connected to it are:

visual cortex
color chords
sensory translator
prismatic ray
castle clock vco
2x cadet vco

based off that info, is it just a matter of marble index running hot? or am i trying to run too many modules in the current case?

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Thanks for the details. It could be that the module is running hot because of faulty/failing components or it could be that you are pushing the limits of the power supply. Befaco claims that their regulated power board offers 1.5A +/-12V and modular grid puts your system at just over 1.1A +/-12V, but neither of those numbers are going to be exact. You could try disconnecting Visual Cortex from the power bus to see if that makes Marble Index cooler. If that solves the problem, then it would be best to upgrade your power supply. But if only Marble Index still heats up excessively with a lighter load on the power supply, we could arrange an RMA and test it at LZX HQ.


@Z0NK0UT thanks for the response. i unplugged the visual cortex and the marble index wasn’t getting hot after 5-10 minutes. thanks for the help :slight_smile: