Gig report - STRP festival 2017 - RGB Fraktion

A show we did for the STRP festival in 2017. hosted by Modulab Eindhoven NL. - as RGB Fraktion

There were about 8 modular artists, including our visual liveset with DIY LZX instruments, two 3TrinsRGB-1c’s, Korg Entrancer and a few Panasonic mixers
In the video Colin Benders did his audio liveset.

The video set starts a bit later as it was chaos and the technicians forgot to switch the video source.

They had enormous LED screens which were parted in 2 layers, so we could play with that. It was a bit of a hassle to get out analog signal in their converters, but someone had the right cable in the end.
The resolution was a bit less than PAL. With our heavy feedback output, there was no blurring or whiteout as sometimes happens with normal projectors. Everything remained very bright and clear. very awesome!