Future Cadet Modules?



I think™ you could probably make a workable quadrature shaper with the IX and some analog switches and a comparator. (You can split the triangle from the IX into four separate “zones” and then offset and invert as needed to stitch it back together) This works at audio rates, but the switching might be a problem at video rate.


Alternately, invert-chop the TRI into a SAW (Which can trivially be wavefolded back into a TRI), offset it (by a CV-able amount), and then fold it back. if the wavefolder is precise and fast enough, this would give you a new TRI with controllable phase offset. As with the other approach, this depends on speed and precision to work glitchlessly


I tried that gamma trick, (triangle VCO to Multiplier CV & input) . it gives a very nice waveform.
This definitely goes into the next vco pcb!

how can you chop a saw from a triangle and get the full range? I patched it with a squarewave into the Fader, but that gives me a half saw (1/2 of the triangle)

I also did the pedestal mod , it has interesting effects on the shape and frequency.


Fade with the square between the TRI and an inverted and offset TRI. (flip the tri around on the down slope).


would this be possible with patching, you think?
Vco (with squarewave mod), Fader & Processor / Multplier ?


I think so? mult the tri to fader A and processor, turn the processor amount fully ccw, plug processor output to B, SQW to fader in and adjust the bias on the processor until to get it matching (I think you want the bias to post and fully clockwise). Be aware that this gets you a 0->2V SAW, so either adjust the amplitude with another processor or adjust the input amount on the next module in chain accordingly


Note that if you’re redesigning/modding pcb’s, remember that you can swap the expensive/rare fader parts an analog switch if you’re not actually fading inbetween the extremes. (for example for the tri->saw)


I may get back to you about that when I do the layout. Thanks!