FS: Marble Index For Sale OFFERS

Hi there folks, hope all is well out there in the video wiggling world? I have a Marble Index available for sale as well as x2 4MS Mults. Any interest out there? Many thanks!

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You should probably throw in some prices

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Hey there folks, looking for about £400 Each for the Shapechanger and Marbles Index and £45 Each for the 4MS Buff Mults, cheers for the heads up!

Open to OFFERS to by the way and happy to ship anywhere in the world, LZX Global! Cheers!

Shapchanger has now been sold but still have a Marbles index available:) Cheers

Also have x2 4MS Buff Mults if anyone is looking to buy some? Many thanks

are you interested in trade+cash for the marble index?

I could let go some modules if you are interested in them, and also give you £

Hi there, just looking for cash but am open to offers? Many thanks for your interest, cheers!

Hey there so I am still looking to sell my Marble index, needing to sell this a bit urgently so have to take a look at any offers or interest, many thanks!

Sorry if I double messaged you but any chance this is still available 1.5 years later? :stuck_out_tongue: