Eurorack-accompaniment "Beginner" Visual Synth Setup?

Hello hello! New here, so don’t hurt me if this is in the wrong place :slight_smile:

I’m coming from the eurorack world and looking to build an “accompaniment” system to generate visuals based off of my other rack. I recently backed Critter & Guitari’s Eyesy to start with, and have been eying the Chromagnon (for when it’s released). The two main questions I have:

  1. Is there a good “crash course” on video synthesis for someone who’s not quite a beginner, but also not super technical?

  2. My two end-goals are to be able to hook up video inputs from my mirrorless cameras/webcams as a video input, and to be able to produce XY-type visuals, mostly inspired by lissajous curves and Rutt Etra vector rescanning. What’s the equivalent DAC for HDMI video to analog video? Where can I learn more about this type of video synthesis? Is it practical to do this in a small form factor/eurorack format-type thing, without needing to lug around a giant vintage XY oscilloscope to video capture from?

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You can start with watching all LZX youtube videos:
tutorial series:

all other module video’s:


There are many converter options available, with some recommendations on the forum.

Currently the best way to achieve the scan processing look is to use a vector monitor (o-scope or modified Vectrex) or an ILDA laser. Chromagnon will have connections for either, but you will have to lug something with you if you want to use that process live.