Endorphin.es Shuttle control

Will this module be able to control parameters on LZX modules?
Or will it only work with audio modules?
I am just wondering as it would be brillant if it worked with both! :smile:
Many thanks George

It might be helpful to know specifically what you want to do, since it looks like this module can serve a number of use cases, but generally speaking: sure! Used as a midi-to-CV converter it just produces voltages, and that’ll work to modulate inputs on LZX stuff. You may need to scale voltage ranges depending on what you’re trying to patch together, and it helps to think about the different frequency ranges involved, but you can freely patch back and forth between video and audio Eurorack modules. This has been discussed here a few different places, try out this search:

The overarching theme here is: try it and see, you ain’t gonna hurt nothing.

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Thank you @csboling ! :sunny: I would like to use it to modulate parameters on my Vidiot primarily. I am going to expand this year with a visual cortex and erogenous tones structure. I was wondering if i could e.g record an envelope via maths. Record it into ableton CV tools. Then shoot it out 1v LZX standard. I understand bridges can do this also. But does this sound possible?
I am going to try out as soon as i get a skiff for the shuttle control and i will report back!

Sure, sounds like this would work. You could also just use the output attenuators on Maths to scale down the amplitude of the envelope. The output attenuators make Maths basically just as handy in an LZX system as it is in audio Eurorack, which is to say endlessly useful!