Does the ESG3 have sync input on back?

I currently have a Cadet system and use the Cadet Video Input sometimes. I’m wondering if it’d be possible to use the Cadet Video Input with a ESG3 system. If it has a sync input, I imagine either it’ll sync to the video input, or the input video will need to be run through a sync stripper and then feed just the sync signal to the ESG3 sync input. Is that possible?

You should be able to use Cadet III with ESG-3. You would just plug whatever your external video source is into the rear RCA sync input of ESG-3 (it has RCA sync I/O) and your system would be genlocked to that external video source. Then take ESG-3’s rear sync output and loop it back into Cadet III’s top RCA input and then patch Luma wherever you need. You may need some passthrough RCA connectors to make these connections or leave a gap between modules to route cables through.

Also possible to put your external video source into Cadet III’s top RCA input first, then put its bottom RCA output into the rear RCA sync input of ESG-3. Should give you the same results in theory.

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Cool. Thanks. That’s what I was hoping. I was pretty sure the ESG3 had sync on the back, but when I went looking for hard info about it today, I couldn’t find where I had gotten that idea.

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