Diver based Rutt-Etra?

Just got a Tektronix 2225.

I tried to achieve a Rutt-Etra look, but with ‘only’ Diver. I took this patch as example, but used Diver instead of the VC and camera. And I didn’t use Navigator and Shapechanger.


Diver H+V into the oscilloscope X and Y.

Make a pattern with Diver H+V, H-V, Clock VCO, Arch and Staircase. Use the pattern as Z input for the oscilloscope, but also feed it back into the Wave input on Diver.


It’s pretty chaotic but there is a nice sense of depth. Not sure if this officially qualifies as the look but I think it’s a great result for this minimal setup :slight_smile:


Looks great, excited to pick up a Diver soon and try the same!

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Hey @mauiey, have you created more imagery with this setup since your original post?
I saw a link to this thread in a new post about the Vector Hack festival in October, they’re looking for works that include old displays. Maybe you’d be interested in submitting something.

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