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Ends today! National Gallery of Art has a free online showing of The Vasulka Effect documentary on the pioneers of our art form, Steina and Woody Vasulka:


Here’s a couple of links to some new material I’ve recently created using a typical LZX video Synth with Fox’s #Shutter being the key centre module.

Here’s a playlist of 5 videos showing some raw video synth waveforms through a similar patch as the Akira/2001 mashup above but a Castle Quad-Gate really helped create the overall look.


this is incredible, keep it up. just subscribed for more vids from these guys.

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Two music videos that dropped since my last post are worth specifically sharing here


I was commisioned to build a hand full of Visible Signal Gainbrain modules (2 input Crossfader & Multiplier circuit inspired by the Cadet range) & this included normalising the outputs of each unit to the Input1 of the next module to the right. I set this up with 3 modules, racked them, powered it up & it came to life to create some great visuals. I also cheekily misused a cool looking PCB that I thought was begging to be featured in a video! :wink:

All the modulation is curtosey of the Syntonie VU-006 Quad Osc.

I couldn’t of made these images without a Visual Cortex, Staircase, Doorway & a Cadet IV Ramps.


Not LZX specific, but amazing rotoscoping & animation by the talented Cory Peak (Closet Witch).
Eurorack modular-centric (including LZX projections during live shows) duo Sinner Frenz’ The Human Error.


@brendanleespengler Stunningly beautiful and powerful work.


After watching to many scanimate and “mind’s eye” videos earlier this year in lockdown mode, i got obsessed with the idea to do “early computer” animation style musicvideo with the sequence capabilities of the lzx memory palace ( mempal).

Background is a videoloop made in blender by a friend and feed into the mempal via rgb inputs.

The bird / dragon is a 64 frame sequence, played by the mempal media loader. Its animated / modulated with a syntonie quad lfo (x, y, zoom) and another lfo for the Rotation.

Also mixing / keying a little bit the background with the fox shutter and vs rgb matrix.

Cutscenes are all done in Blender.

Maybe its kind absurd to do the animations with analog gear (because it would be easy to do everything in blender but also takes a lot of time). had so much fun working on this. Was happy like a child, when i figured out how to scrubb through the pngs with a lfo.Also wanna keep the innocent vibe, like you got in early computer graphic Animation films


:clap::heart: Bravo! Reminds me of a Peter Gabriel video in the best way!


thanks which garbiel video exactly?


In particular, Kiss that frog. Obviously there are differences, however the similarity between the frog and your bird during the movement scenes really stood out to me.

Also reminded me of Starfox the video game a bit because of the 3D figures. It’s a wonderful aesthetic!


Nice, didnt know this video!


I’d like to contribute to this post full of wonders.

it’s a videoclip made for a friend track called Divisione di Cassini (Cassini's Division - Wikipedia)



That is excellent, love both music and video - thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for appreciating!! :slight_smile:

Did my first stream (first live anything) today, below is a link to the video. I only have one lzx module currently (bridge :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ), but I’m looking forward to getting my chromagnon eventually. All of the visuals in this are from recur and structure. I’d welcome any constructive criticism.

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I love ffmpeg but hadn’t used imagemagick to make these contact sheets before and it is awesome

here are several examples of some current work in progress


Yes, its a great way to do it. I’ll want to use it myself now. I can add it to my toolset and call it videocontactsheet. Thanks.

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Hd video input :hammer: