CBV001 and CBV002 tons of fun! What comes next?

So I have a CBV001 and a CBV002 and mostly doing glitches. I put the CBV002 in the feedback of the edirol mixer. the wj-ave5 mixes these two sources. I’m happy with the videodelay cause it reacts nice to the sound. The glitches of the CBV001 are also nice allthough the cv in does not make to stable effects. Still looking for a decent Time Base Corrector here in Europe (yess also currently thinking about preordering a tbc2). I also have a TrinsRGB which I’m still exploring.

However any suggestions what modulations could benefit the two modules from Syntonie?
here a video example of the actual patch:

CBV001 +CBV002


Thanks for creating a thread to talk about Syntonie’s CBV-001 & CBV-002 modules @thenoiseoftime :+1:
I’m waiting on a single B100K trimmer pot to finish the CBV-001 :man_facepalming:
The CBV-002 reacted cool with an oscillator like the Cadet IX VCO or Prismatic Ray. I haven’t used it in a little while but now that you’ve post this, I’ll definitely have to try Bastien’s VU-006 quadrature oscillator. I must of finished the VU-006 after the 002, ya, was surely waiting on some parts.

I’ll get patching tomorrow, take some video clips, upload something & post links here.

For anyone wondering what the CBV-002 is somewhat capable of, here’s a 13min “1st try” vid processing the classic Akira film:

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Last night I created a patch that used Syntonie’s VU-006 Quadrature Osc quite extensively & then tried out the CBV-002 at the end of the patch: input from the Visual Cortex, output to my TV and CV inputs from the VU-006. The CBV-002 was a monster but the modulation wasn’t exactly overwhelming. I’ll try something else later or tomorrow.

I don’t get the modulation part exactly but it does sometimes very cool effects such as in this patch. At around 20 seconds you can see the modulation of the feedback synced with these percussions.

cbv001 + cbv002


That’s a sick video :star_struck:

Another Videoclip with the CBV001

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