Castle 001 Dual DAC (but not dual)?

So finally decided to order a Castle Dual DAC to build up, not least because it is not part heavy and I already have everything it needs on hand…

Except I am short a couple jacks.

I have those on order now too but wonder if it will cause any problems (i.e. damage), in the meantime, to build it up without them and just use one of the DAC channels?

(I mean, I know I likely should just be patient, but especially with shipping moving slower because of Corona times (and current USPS issues)…)

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no, that should not matter.
go ahead I’d say!

By one channel, you mean 3 jacks I suppose?

The Castle DAC is cool, especially together with the ADC

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I don’t think you’d hurt anything by not having them installed for now.

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Cool. Thanks!

Yeah, didn’t think it’d be a problem. But wasn’t 100% sure.

And, yes, I have more than enough jacks for one full three-bit to b&w DA conversion, but not quite enough for both.

I’ve had an ADC for while now and have been using it as part of my colorization workflow (example here). But have been thinking about making a little video showing that workflow and figured having the DAC too would help better explain how the Castle series 3-bit thing works. …And, of course, just curious what I can make happen with it!


Looking at the schematic, you’re absolutely safe to skip any jack on the 001. The input path is pulled low with or without jacks installed and the output is already floating.

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